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Do you have a yearning desire to house our veterans, people who have aged out of the foster care system, people in recovery from substance use, women with children?   Are you interested in using real estate for both financial security for your family and to heal your community?  This class will teach you what you need to know about purchasing and updating a single family home for shared housing.  You will learn that location, location, location is critical for shared housing.  What do we look for in a home that will be a shared home?  What are the requirements for the house?  Can we remodel to create the perfect shared home and real estate investment?

Frank and Sherri have brought an innovative approach to their Kate’s House model of successful shared housing strategies.  From the purchase and renovation of their first house, quality was paramount.   Frank and Sherri developed a reproducible model of housing, using quality products in the renovation as well as building with high quality materials.  It is the highest importance that the structural components of a shared house are engineered for a quality housing experience for the residents.  What you do not see is as important as what you do see in construction.  Frank is a registered real estate broker and has overseen many remodels of our homes.  With Sherri, they control 10 million dollars in housing acquired over eight years.  They completed 20 remodels and rentals in the past five years.  

They have advised more than 5000 students on how to get set up with shared housing.   Frank and Sherri are national leaders in shared housing models and won a national award in 2016 for their housing model serving women.   Frank and Sherri continue to create shared homes for their foundation and they have first hand expertise after housing 1000 + residents. 

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