Frank & Sherri Mentor Program


Frank & Sherri and their team of experts have mentored students in cities throughout the country. Either in person, by zoom or by home tours. They know how to work with you to start and grow your Shared Housing real estate portfolio. Frank and Sherri give bus tours of their homes to students and individual training at their homes for their mentoring clients. You can see first hand how their model has been replicated around the country.



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Frank & Sherri Mentor Program

Mentors will conduct a minimum of two one hour Zoom meetings with Client per month during the Consultation Period. Client may request in-person meetings, and Mentors may be able to accommodate the same, at Mentors sole and absolute discretion. In the event that Mentors are unable to fulfill two meetings in any given month, the Client shall be entitled to an additional meeting during the following month.

During the Consultation Period, the Mentors will conduct a group Zoom meeting with other clients of the Mentors, to enable the Client to expand his or her professional network.

During the Consultation Period, Mentors will review up to ten potential home purchases per month with Client. This shall be the maximum number of homes reviewable per month.

Mentors will conduct, or will schedule, a group bus tour or tour of Mentors’ homes on a pre-scheduled date. Client understands that Mentors’ homes are located in Washington State, and that all travel and lodging expenses associated with this item shall be the responsibility of Client, unless a different arrangement is discussed.

Mentors will provide Client access to an online workshop that is presented by Shared Housing Solutions, LLC, as well as any refresher courses that may become available during the Consultation Period.

Mentors will respond to emails from the Client, within a commercially reasonable period of time, and in a commercially reasonable volume.

Mentors will provide access to its “Success Team,” which consists of individuals who which the Mentors has previously mentored and who have purchased homes. The intent of this offering is to give the Client information regarding different types of shared homes that have been successfully purchased. Access will be provided through a Calendly link for scheduling.

The Mentors can advise on best practices for medically assisted treatment homes.

Clients will have access to the subscriber portal as well.