Frank & Sherri Weekly Small Group Mentor Program


Frank & Sherri Candelario, Ph.D.  have educated real estate investors who want to be world changers on how to create shared housing.   They created the acclaimed shared housing model, Kate’s House Foundation to house veterans, people in recovery and men and women with housing needs.  Their students use single-family homes to house veterans, people in recovery, foster adults, women and children and people who just need a second chance.

If you want the accountability of a weekly small group, need individual assistance and want to expedite your shared housing business, the “1000 Dreams Come True” Crew is for you.  Each small group is limited to ten people.   We will meet for four months on a weekly basis.  You will have access to the paid membership in the subscription membership site for 2024.



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Join Frank & Sherri “1000 Dreams Come True” Crew for Weekly Meetings

Have you taken the 20-hour Shared Housing Class? Would you like to have individual help and accountability?  Do you want to be a part of a weekly small group to create your shared housing business?  Our weekly meetings are the best place to build and escalate your shared housing business.

Frank and Sherri created and perfected the model for shared recovery homes that gets funded by grants and contracts.  Between Frank’s real estate experience and Sherri’s background in medicine, their skills and knowledge have created an acclaimed shared housing program.  to purchase homes for veterans for Kate’s House Foundation, their nonprofit organization

Frank and Sherri and their team have provided individual mentorship, expert guidance and prevented expensive mistakes for their students throughout the US. 

We know that having the opportunity to work in a small group on your business can mean the difference between building a successful shared housing business and getting stuck.   

We limit each group to ten people.  Our groups will have common life experiences too!

All meetings are recorded so that you can review the individualized training.   

Join us now! We want to show you how!